Sunday, 13 November 2016

Let there be light!!

No I have not found God, James has wired the upstairs lights in and we no longer need a torch to use the bathroom!!

Yesterday James cut the skirting and architrave for baby girl's room and this morning caulked the gaps ready for me to paint. He wired the plug sockets in there too, so once it's connected to the fuse board we're in business. I did the final coat of white paint on baby girl's room and the window sill.

Friday night I took the wee man to ASDA to pick some bits for his operation Christmas child box. It was so sweet to see him pick things for another little boy, we got a bath toy, some toy cars, a little lego set, a calcliator (calculator to you and me), soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, pens, pad and pencils and a wooly hat. It really made me think about kids who have nothing and it does our children good to appreciate how lucky they are.

On Saturday night we visited the local schools fireworks for bonfire night and they even had a traditional Guy for the bonfire, I haven't seen that in years, there's nothing like burning an effigy! It was two hours from the gates opening to the fireworks lit though and the kids were up past bedtime and starting to get cranky and tearful, next year I think we'll arrive a bit later.

My sister and her fiancé came to stay Saturday night so we saw the fireworks as a family, had a few drinks and a chat and James and I were up a good three hours before they appeared this morning, the joys of being child free!

Today we had a change of pace and watched a film this afternoon together and I had a nap throughout and it was delightful.


  1. To think your building work has gone from a drawing to a usable space already, bathroom by torch light sounds like good fun :-)

  2. Moving a pace now! Can't wait to see it!

  3. Clearly life is going well there at your place. Glad you had a little time for family, because you and your husband seem to work awfully hard!

    We are doing well here other than the fires, which are making life a bit difficult at the moment. But we are in the middle of bad drought, and when you have drought, you have forest fires.