Monday, 26 February 2018

Stairwell progress

The last few weeks we've been beavering away at the space above the stairs. In essence we've moved down the hallway and come to the last big space that needed plastering upstairs.

I struggled to find photos for this bit as it's been a work in progress longer than I'd realised, I had to go as far as last Easter! 

Now this post is pretty picture heavy, so hang on...

When the stairs were first turned round, the walls were plastered to the left over the timber frame and covered in plywood on the walls to the right (bordering wee man's room). Unfortunately the plaster on the timber side was crumbling and on the other side there was just wallpaper on board, which was coming away from the wall.

We stripped the old walls back.

Put some insulation in.

Put up plasterboard.



 Lights up.

The last step is to clean up the beams that we've left exposed, but that will have to wait for a while, they'll get done with all the other beams that need doing.

James noticed some maker's marks on the timbers the other day. Where two timbers are jointed they've made matching marks on the wood, presumably as the frame was made off site so they knew which piece goes where, pretty cool hey!

Off the project side of things, I managed to get my portfolio submitted for the training pathway I've been on at work, so am hoping that is finally finished.

Now to get some plants started ready for the warmer weather.