Sunday, 18 March 2018

Land clearances...

...and not in the traditional English being particularly unpleasant to the Scottish way. We have cleared most of our recent land purchase.

It has been snowing again here, before the last few months I couldn't tell you the last time we had more than a few inches of snow and we've had three big falls in as many months.

The one a few weeks ago, one of James' friends (a digger driver) rang and said his job had been cancelled in anticipation of snow. Would we like him to come and clear the land of brambles/brush and unwanted trees? We said yes as quick as you can imagine.

The difference is phenomenal, it's all opened up and we got some good wood to boot.

The plan is to plant a small orchard closest to the road to provide more fruit for us to eat and preserve and so reduce our reliance on the supermarket. I've got plans to have a few different varieties to include some apples that last longer in storage.

...and After

Not as pretty without snow
There are a few more trees to come out to open the area up further for our polytunnel to be relocated, we can't wait. Unlikely to be in time for this years season though unfortunately.

In other news James has been putting on skirting board upstairs. I've started planting some chilli seeds, although the house is so cold they're showing no signs of germinating yet.

I am also in the process of dropping one of my three jobs as it's all getting a bit much. I struggle to fit them all in and end up working evenings and weekends to make up the hours. I hope to get back to doing 4 days a week, which will be awesome!!

Last weekend James and I got up to find wee man had made breakfast for himself and his sister. He'd poured the cereal, milk, and a drink for them both. He had even cut the loaf of bread and put two slices into the toaster for James. They weren't even doorstops, they were perfectly done. It was so kindly meant I was very proud.