Wednesday, 6 September 2017

General catch up

The bathroom has come along further since last I posted. The tiles have been grouted and the shower enclosure and shower fitted. We just need to fit some skirting and paint the door frame and it'll be done.

I had a great weekend away at Centre parcs for a friends birthday party. We all knew each other and it was so much fun. I even got to go on lots of water slides in the amazing pool complex and the zip wire in the park (under the cover of darkness).

This Friday just gone I was meant to go to one of the health centres I work in on a self employed basis, but James took a day off work and we took the kids to the cinema to see Cars 3. It's the first time baby girl has ever been and apart from being as fidgety as an eel she behaved herself very well! 

On Saturday we invited our local friends to the pub for a few drinks in the sun. The kids entertained each other and one of my friends did the top up your wine glass trick. When I stood up I was the worse for wear and James and I had to herd two tired kiddies across the common, it was a brilliant day though and worth the midnight headache.

I squeezed some blackberry and apple jam making into Sunday after we stripped the local brambles bare, it's a bit hard but very tasty.

James has put shelves into the wee man's cupboard so once I paint them we can start to clear the sea of plastic that has taken over the house and squeeze it out of sight in his room.

I heard yesterday that the portfolio I put together as evidence of my competence to prescribe has passed so all I have to do now is wait and I'll get my hands on a prescription pad some time towards the end of the year.

First day at school was on Tuesday so the wee man moved into year 1 and baby girl has started attending the preschool most days. They looked very sweet together and I resisted the urge to show them off on Facebook.

There we go all caught up x