Thursday, 23 March 2017

Well I passed module 1

I once again didn't mean for this long to pass between posts but evenings are still spent in the throws of study.
The good news is that I passed my first module exams and there are only two modules to go.

Spring is finally starting to take hold here and the trees are starting to bud, I can't wait for some warmth to creep into our lives.

This weekend we moved James and myself into our new bedroom and baby girl from her old room into the new. This means her old room is vacant ready for us to start knocking down walls to join the extension to the old house in the right spot.

We've been getting quotes to knock the wall through and reverse the stairs, and have settled on a friend to move the stairs and an acquaintance of his to do the knock throughs. They have said it could take up to 8 weeks to start, but after all this time we're in no hurry. It's the same guy who put together the frame for our bay roof window so we know the work was done to a good standard, here's hoping the rest will be too.

Our new bedroom in the extension is so relaxing, not to mention warm! The wonders of modern insulation ;-)

Baby girl has been poorly this week with vomiting and a high temperature, she's coming out the other side now but is still very tired. I'm off work tomorrow so it'll be nice to spend some quality time with  her. She did dress as a princess this weekend, see the cuteness for yourselves.

I tried to get a picture of her room tidy when she'd moved in but by the time I'd taken pictures of our room the duo had done their best to give her room the lived in look. Obviously we have no carpets yet, hopefully at the end of the year they may be bought.

For some reason our internet has gone back to being particularly annoying, the connection keeps dropping or being unbearably slow. It does lead to some ripe words when I'm trying to get work finished late in the evening and I'm getting tired and crabby. If the God of the internet hears my prayers, super fast broadband would make me a true believer (and a little less blasphemous!)