Sunday, 13 August 2017

Bathroom update

We've been making a concentrated effort to get the bathroom finished. It's had a bath and sink in for the last 6 months or so but it's been undecorated and without the shower or flooring fitted.

The bathroom had originally been designed as an en-suite but we decided to make it slightly larger and make it the family bathroom. As such it didn't have any windows planned and although we could have lived with it that way we decided to put in a roof window. I don't seem to have taken any photos pre-window, but then the light was crap so never mind!

James put it in about a month ago during a hot spell and it look's great, but more importantly let's in natural light and gives an illusion of space. Only problem was he got a bit dehydrated and has given himself kidney stones again! Luckily he has private health insurance with work so didn't have to wait to see the consultant.

So a fortnight ago he plastered the room and I did the painting. Last weekend we laid the floor tiles and the wall tiles behind the bath. We put together the shower enclosure this week, but joy of joys it had wonderful instructions translated (rough interpretation of the word translation) from Chinese and the parts looked nothing like the pictures. Perseverance and two evenings later and we have a shower enclosure. James did some tiling yesterday whilst I popped into town with my mum to get some birthday presents for baby girl, who will be three on Tuesday. Last night James wired in some spot lights so we're well on the way now.

The blade on the tile cutter was blunt and started to break the tiles so today we went and got a new one and some extra tiles. This week should see the shower finished and we can get the grouting done.

We had a day of birthday fun, we gave baby girl the choice of what she's like to do so this morning we went swimming, we had lunch at McDonald's with her best friend and then we popped to our neighbours for a barbecue and the kids all played and we had a drink of wine.

On a quick time hop this week marks a year in my new job. I can hardly believe how quick it's gone.