Monday, 29 August 2016

Insulation and plasterboard

This week I have been cutting insulation to go into the 'side bits' of the roof (technical term). Building regs states we need 12.5 cm depth so 10cm has gone between the rafters and 2.5cm over the top. Whilst I've been doing that in the evening James has been cutting plasterboard to put on the sections of wall where the radiators will go. 

He was busy in the extension this weekend and didn't it rain! The kids spent hours playing outside and they were soaked through. 

Today James dot and dabbed the cut plasterboard on ready to fit the radiators in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed we'll get the boiler fired up in the next month or so before the cold weather sets in. It's hard to believe how much thought has to go into doing things in the right order, there should be a guide on what to do when, it would save us  making some rookie errors.

Today I gathered some seed from the wildflower bed to fill in any gaps where they don't self seed next year and to grow in some more spots around the garden. Problem is I don't know what some of them are called so I've had to label them things like 'flowers with big heads' and 'long light purple flowers', I'll refer to my pictures when I come to sow them next year. 

Little man and I also gathered some damsons and raspberries, which have been ripening in bucket loads for the last few months, the freezer is getting full so a day of preserving is needed again, yay.


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Windows are in!

Windows are in and we love them! In true style the window manufacturers put vents where they shouldn't be and they'll have to replace 4 panes at the front of the house that have vents in. 
Building regs mean we need vents in one window per room and I had them put at the side of the house as I think they take away from the nice clean lines of the window. Plus the manufacturers forgot the vent covers on the vents that are supposed to be in. But for now it's water tight and the window fitter says as the frames are in it won't take long to replace the opening panes when they come. Just the bay roof and we'll be ready for winter weather. 

This evening we had a plum and blackberry crumble with the fruit the kids picked today, blackberry season is just starting and hopefully there will be loads more to come.

Baby girl has had her two year development check this week and we've got to try and work on her talking, she is pretty hard to understand but they all develop in their own time so I'm not worried just yet. The health visitor says she'll call me in three months to see how she's getting on.

We also stopped by at the garden centre with friends and the wee man asked to ride a pony. He actually asked to do it!! He's pretty apprehensive of anything new or out of his comfort zone and I was incredibly pleased that his confidence has grown and very proud of him.

Here's hoping for a great week for everyone.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Happy 2nd birthday my not so baby girl

Just a quick one today to say 'Happy Birthday' to my not so little baby girl. She has grown into such a little personality and I am so proud of how well she gets on with her brother, they adore each other, she follows him like a lost puppy at home and he is very kind and loving to her.

I got up this morning and thought back to that time two years ago we were in our little hospital room taking a few hours just enjoying the secret that she was here and looking at her little features, a very special magical time.

Peppa pig featured largely in the birthday presents, she is a pretty big fan!

So happy birthday angel xxx

P.S. She is looking confused in this last pic as my sister bought her a fab card, only she's not 3, she's 2!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Stud work started

I've had this week off work and couldn't I ever get used to it! James has taken the day off work today and tomorrow and we have done some stud walling in the upstairs extension. The kids have been in and out all day keeping us company and 'helping'. It's great to get a feel for the size of the rooms, looking at the en-suite, we're pretty sure we'll not have the en-suite now but use the room as a main bathroom.

Baby girl was loving spying with her binoculars

I got my first full-sized tomatoes from the greenhouse today; we had them with mozzarella and basil as a salad and they were so tasty. I'll definitely be growing this variety again.

We also found a courgette on the plant we missed, I had James stand in the photo for context! He said it weighs as much as a baby, oops.

This week James went on a course to certify him to do household electrics as well as the industrial he can do at the moment, there's a further course that he'll have to do soon but for now he passed, so well done angel.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The stable door is hung!

First things first the builders have left, big yay! The site is pretty clear of rubbish and building detritus, it's certainly less of an obstacle course to get to the cabin now.

Most importantly I have had my new back door hung and I love it, look at the tear drop escutcheon, it's got such lovely lines. It feels like we're getting on now, big thanks to Kev the carpenter!!
Yesterday I spent some time oiling the frame, I just need to glue some plugs into the holes where the weather bar's attached. 

This week we've both spent a bit of time moving the remaining stone from around the garden into one place on the patio area (loose term!). It's been hot work so we've done a bit at a time with the wheelbarrow, it should make a good start towards building the original wall of the house back up when we get around to taking the front extension down in a few years.

Today I drove my mum to Birmingham to pick up a rescue dog she's adopting, traffic was awful, it was a 4 hour round trip, but she's happy and I hope to not have to go into Birmingham for at least 12 months.

Lastly James closed the second doorway up and I'm so proud of what a good job he's done, the house should be super toasty for winter now it's all zipped up tight.

Wee man helped all day and you can see his finished project in the bottom right of the last picture, it's a model city!