Sunday, 5 August 2018

Catch up and trip to Chester

So we've been plodding along here but lack of money has caused things to slow. The grass is coming along a treat (along with many nettles).

James has managed to complete the plumbing for the boiler move, but needs a few strong men to help him move it, but you'd be amazed how everyone's offer of help disappears when asked to name a date.

He has also managed to wire everything so that the thermostat can work again, hopefully it'll be moved and operational in time for the cold weather.

I have been passing the time by making a new flower bed, some of the plants I've grown from seed can now be moved into the space we've made. I've also made a tonne of raspberry jam.

Unfortunately the mower died this week, having done us nearly 5 years service (plus 25 years before us). We've had to spend all our savings to order a new one, which hopefully will manage the new paddock with ease.

We had the week off work so booked a few nights last minute in Chester. I used to visit often as kid to stay with a great aunt and those visits inspired our life in the country. On the way we stopped at a national trust house and the candle factory which was a vivid childhood memory for me and the kids loved dipping their own candles. They sit proudly at home in all their gaudy beauty.

 Unfortunately baby girl got a vomiting bug the first night away and so the few days were spent carrying her around Chester. It was still beautiful and we walked the roman walls and visited the amphitheatre and cathedral. Luckily the house I booked on airbnb was 2 minutes from the city centre so we could go back frequently whenever she felt poorly and we needed a rest from the carrying.

We're both a bit fed up with the whole process at the moment, our progress is hampered by lack of funds and we don't have family who can help us. It's hard to balance doing the house and land and giving the kids a childhood that isn't all saving and not enjoying life. I am constantly torn between you don't know how long you've got enjoy it (make memories with holidays/days out) and work like a dog and save every penny to complete the house. Anyway I'm sure it'll pass and we'll get back to having the drive to keep ploughing on soon.