Monday, 31 December 2018

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We've had another few months of just run of the mill things. The big work of clearing the land this year has taken most of our time and energy and hasn't resulted in many beautiful pictures. We've also spent lots of time working overtime to pay for the plans for next year.

James has continued to work every evening in the extension and in the last month or so has boarded the ceiling and as of today finished boarding the walls ready for plastering.

On Saturday we have a carpenter coming over to discuss our dining room extension. We've been waiting since August for our turn to have the dining room built and he's finally coming over to finalise the plans before he goes back to his workshop to commence the build.

The pad was laid along with the main extension over 2 years ago and has been waiting for it's day to shine. Hopefully towards the end of Jan we should have an oak frame dining room.

What makes a lovely change is that someone else is going to make, erect and roof it, leaving only the wiring, plumbing and plaster boarding for James (poor James). Once he's done all that we're also going to get someone to plaster it along with the new living room/kitchen. It's such a large space that he's admitted that plastering the ceiling will be too much for him, so I will find a plasterer once the whole area is ready.

During the Christmas break we have finally managed to put some guttering on the cabin. We got hold of an IBC a few months back and can't wait to see it full. Only one side got done with bits lying around, with a few more fittings we'll do the other side soon.

We've also tried to spend some quality time over the season with the kids. I have taken a few weeks off work over Christmas, I was ready for it!

We've been Xmas shopping, spent lots of time having snuggles on the sofa, been ice skating, walking the hills (traditional Xmas eve activity), written to Santa and visited with all of our favourite friends.

We've determined that next year we will keep pressing on with the house, we hope to be using our new sitting and dining room by the summer. The kitchen is unlikely to be in for a few years. 

We also plan to spend more quality time with the kids and with our friends. I'm also determined to be more selfish with my time; when you have so little free time you need to spent it wisely. I won't be chasing people next year and instead spend the time being a little less stressy by spending time doing jobs when the kids are out of the house so I can be more with them when they're not.

Wishing everyone a year full of joy.