Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Kitchen complete

The last few months we have been focused on getting the kitchen done and I am so pleased with the way it's turned out.

We've made a few changes to our lives too. I have changed jobs to a GP practice closer to home. I was struggling with anxiety when going to work due to the atmosphere there. When you're tearful all the time and feeling ill on the drive in to work it's time to make a change. I remember a lady I worked with saying to me at the beginning of the year; if you're not happy with something you have the power to make a change and so I did. It's taken me a good few months to feel better, but I think I'm there.
I deal a lot with mental health issues in my job and if there's one positive thing about the experience it's that I can understand how people with anxiety issues feel and can help them more.

I love the kitchen we chose. I've always wanted an in-frame kitchen and I found a company that make them at a price we could afford. 
Now it wasn't all plain sailing, as it never is. Some parts came damaged or wrong (some our fault, some theirs). 
We paid for new of the wrong parts we ordered, but where we'd asked their advice and being given wrong part numbers I wasn't happy.  It was quite difficult to get their errors made right and being an internet only contact it was downright frustrating when they ignore your emails. But after a few months of back and forth it's all sorted. 
The worktop company we had were amazing, no problems at all and they were so quick when we are at that point. 

The kids had another fantastic Christmas and as always they made the magic real for us. We did a few family things like ice skating and visiting the German Christmas markets in Brum.

So happy new year from us, I aim to keep up a little more now I'm on track!