Sunday, 3 March 2019

The dining room is up and watertight

The dining room is up and watertight. There's huge excitement/relief in our house. Windows are in and the roof is done. It as been a lovely change to have someone other than James do the work too.

It was finished about 10 days ago, but it's back to work making the inside liveable. James has started putting power sockets in there, along with wiring for outside lights and a socket. He has also put in the pipes for the radiator, although it's surprisingly warm for a glass structure. That's the wonder of modern glass. I think it's fair to say that he hates plumbing. He likes to tell me every time there's plumbing to be done and loudly during the actual process!

Last weekend we put the guttering on and it was one of those jobs that actually went much quicker than expected so we used the spare parts to do the back side of the cabin and set up our IBC for additional water storage. When is rained today I was actually excited to see it filling. 

When I was on the roof positioning some guttering, I looked down to see baby girl dressed as a fairy, wearing wings and mickey ears whilst 'mining' one of the walls of mud. It never ceases to make me laugh when she dresses as a princess for dirty work. 

We then also managed to knock the wall through from the dining room to the extension too, so it was an amazingly productive day.

The kids were if anything even busier; during that time they even managed to build a whole castle.

James got going putting in the door lining between the old house and the extension today. The old stone walls made it all a matter of splitting errors everywhere, that was a job that didn't go as easily as planned.

I got down to making some raspberry jam to try and clear some room in the freezer. We could really do with a chest freezer. I've had a weekend of making quiche and pizza, which has been quite therapeutic.

I got a text halfway through the afternoon today from one of the school mums. I had completely forgotten her boy's party. James took baby girl for the last 45 minutes whilst I cleaned out the chickens. I wasn't appropriately dressed for a kids party with dirty joggers and no makeup so I managed to dodge a bullet there.