Saturday, 9 May 2020

A very sad week

We've had a very sad week this week. I got a call at work from my brother-in-law to tell me that my grandpa had died by suicide. My mum has been his carer for the last 4 years and spent every day with him. She had been to see me at work that day to get some dressings to dress his arm after a fall the day before and cried she was so happy to see me face to face. Unfortunately she found him and it was as you can imagine very traumatic for her. It has been difficult to process and so unexpected.

My work has been great and given me a few days off, so I've seen my mum. That in itself is a tough decision as I don't want to put her in danger from Coronavirus, but mental health is also very important so for now she's seeing me.

Grandpa giving me away at my wedding

Work continues on the land as always and the polytunnel is starting to fill with plants I never planned on growing this year. 

I've also been painting the new gate and repainted the garage door and driveway gate, so with an audiobook going that has been very therapeutic. I'll get a picture at some point soon.

Today we had to put down a chicken with a prolapsed vent, which is always sad.

The kids have been out in the paddling pool and enjoying the sun and I am so grateful for the opportunity to sit with them and watch their childhood exuberance.