Thursday, 3 November 2016

First new room plastered

This weekend just gone James and his friend started plastering baby girl's room, all very exciting. We went on Saturday evening to a halloween pumpkin walk and so they had to leave off around mid-afternoon. Sunday morning and James got back to it to, finishing the last walls. Unfortunately the little man was sick all night Saturday night and Sunday morning so I spent the day on the sofa with him cuddled up under the blanket and watching Disney films. If I'm honest it was nice to have a long cuddle when he wasn't in a rush to get to the next game. 

The pumpkin walk was so much fun, the kids enjoyed it no end, as did we. Our friends and their children came so it was even better. I hadn't had a party for the little man and he was asking when it was his turn, so I asked my friends to play along and say it was his party. I brought cakes and doughnuts and one friend's mum even brought him a balloon, which made his day. The kids squealed round the walk, they got to roast marshmallows, listen to stories and got a lolly at the end. 

Monday was my birthday and James and I started Christmas shopping in Birmingham, it's much nicer when you go mid-week before the rush starts. I got a fab book from James about the origin of phrases, which is my favourite, I've read hundreds of them and he managed to find me a book with a collection of them. For example the phrase 'pull your finger out' has a naval origin. The firing hole of a cannon would be filled with gunpowder and a wooden bung put in to keep it in place. In the heat of battle a finger was used to do the same job and an artilleryman would yell 'pull your finger out' to enable the gun to fire, lots of people lost fingers this way. So I have a whole book of these to enjoy!

On Wednesday I didn't have any locum work so the baby girl and I started painting what's to be her room. She borrowed one of her dads working tops and splattered the walls and her mum with paint. We were finishing the pot so the room isn't finished, but at least it's started.


  1. Happy Birthday for the 31st :D

    This is when the renovations seem to take the longest - all the niggly "finishing" bits seem to take forever to complete. But, it looks like you're almost there - well done :) Bet you can't wait to get it all finished before the cold weather hits...

  2. You're getting there! Once the walls start going up everything starts moving along faster! Or so it seems. Happy Belated Birthday! Your new book sounds interesting.
    Cindy Bee

  3. You should be finished for Christmas with your home improvements.