Saturday, 26 September 2015

The cabin arrives

I've been back doing some more canning using my new Ball blue book. It was James' favourite jam, raspberry, I've had a bumper crop this year and they're still coming thick and fast. I made it as usual but then put them in the water bath canner for 10 minutes to seal the jars, hopefully there'll be no spoilage this year.

The chillies have continued to ripen and we've got a good number now, we also harvested another couple of buckets of spuds today. Something has been eating them though, nothing new unfortunately. 

Last weekend James split our pile of oak that came down in the last storm. We've run out of room to store it at the moment in the wood seasoning shed. There's been a collapse so we need to sort it out to make more stacking space.

I feel toasty already

On Friday James had the day off work to receive our wooden cabin. It had been delayed a wee while but D-day came. I'm sure you can all predict what happened! It was due between 8am and 12pm and turned up at 3pm. The guy turns up opens the tailgate and says 'Oh no, it's slipped'. Bloody idiots hadn't strapped it down properly. One of the first pieces off the wagon was a base piece that you stack all the other pieces on. As soon as James saw it he was fuming. It was bowed, put on a flat surface there's a few inches of sunlight between the centre and the floor. It also had a note on to say, doors missing. Doors missing?! Who sends a cabin that can't be made watertight?!

The delivery guy went at a snails pace, unloading sooooo slowly, blocking our lane. Long story short, a phone call was made (we couldn't get anyone) and they're in for a rollocking on Monday.

Stacked and waiting for missing/damaged parts before building

I've been having a think on what to plant next year and at some later point I'll reflect on what's grown well and what's failed miserably.

I'm sure I was going to say more but I can't remember what, so I'll probably be back soon.

James is watching the Wales v England rugby tonight. I hope England win or he'll be unimpressed. If any of the home nations play anyone else we want them to win (go UK!!) but if England's playing it's got to be us. Fingers crossed. I've lit the fire for the first time this evening and I'm enjoying it, I'll read while the match is played, watching when it get's exciting.


  1. That's exciting news about the cabin arriving, but how infuriating for the problems. I hope you can get them resolved easily and get on to the building!

    Loved hearing about your raspberry jam. I'm hoping for that kind of raspberry surplus next year!

    1. We've still got raspberries coming thick and fast but luckily the kids eat them almost as fast as I can pick them.

  2. Sorry to hear your cabin was damaged, Kirsty. But those raspberries! Never had any success with them here, so envy those who do. And well done you for keeping on with your preserving. I often refer to my Balls blue book, but wish the cover was not quite so flimsy because mine has started to suffer with use. Hope the damage to your cabin is fixed soon.

    1. Vera you're so right, the cover is a bit flimsy, I may have to do a job on it with some sticky back plastic like we used to do with school exercise books.

  3. Looks like you are canning up a storm. I never thought of canning as work (because I don't know anything about it) but Lisa at Three Bears Farm told me it was a lot of work. Still, I admire all the good things you folks that can food can lay back. Vicki at Mom's Scribbles even cans chicken and ham!

    I'd have been mad too if they messed up my order like that. I hope it all gets sorted out and the company you bought from makes it right.

  4. It is a long process but it's a great feeling when you have food you've preserved yourself in the larder. I think I appreciate food more when I've put the effort into growing, preparing and preserving it. It makes me realise how underpaid our farmers are.

    As to the cabin, I'm not known for my patience, a short fuse comes with Scottish blood and they certainly knew about it once I'd called them!