Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ready at last

Just a quick one today, but look what's finally ripened...

I've brought the best plants into the kitchen to continue to ripen the fruit. There have been a few casualties as they fell of the side a few times and there are now a pile of green chillies sat on the windowsill to ripen off the plant.

Another minor celebration in our house, my photo's have finally finished uploading to google this evening, my poor computer will get a rest now. Apart from all the old one's on another disk but I'll start those later, I need to find some superfast broadband and half inch it!!


  1. Nice looking Chilli what type is it :-)

    1. Lemon drop, supposedly quite hot. We shall see who gets to test it, there are so few things we can put them in as the kids aren't keen.

  2. I love peppers. I like to cut them up and mix them in with my rice, stew or chili. The only one's I can't eat are the Habanero, way too hot even for me.

    I know what slow internet is like. Seems as if half the time mine doesn't work at all.