Tuesday 16 June 2020

Cherry picking and log burner

This weekend we took the kids on our first trip out as a family since COVID restrictions to a pick your own orchard. I've not been since I was a very young child and we all loved it. The cherries were huge and so sweet. The weather was warm and sunny and the views across the Malvern Hills were beautiful. We also got to see my mum and she was excited to see the kids.

We made a cherry pie when we got home and I canned some cherries for the year. As always they don't go as far as you'd think. We may have to go back for more!

Today we had a log burner fitted in the new front room, come winter we'll be snug as a bug. This is another job that's been on the list so we're all happy to be moving forward again. Although I will confess that James hates a job he can't do himself and it's costly to get someone to fit, but at least we're covered by our house insurance in case of fire I suppose.

Also here's the front wall re-built by my talented husband. We got the tin for the roof delivered yesterday, so may get started on it this weekend.


  1. Goodmorning. Are these sauer or sweet cherries? The woodburner looks lovely, you would almost skip summer for it. The rebuilt wall is beautifully done and looks like will be there for eternity again.