Saturday, 8 September 2018

Repurposed chicken shelter

We had the last week of the summer holidays off work and decided to get some things done. We've both been a bit lost with where to go next with the house so wrote a list of a few things to get done. Now we've made some progress we're both feeling a bit better and I think we've got the motivation back.

One of the jobs we wanted to get done was a new chicken shelter. I think you'll agree the one we made 5 years ago form pallets is past it's best!

When we bought the new land last year, amongst the brambles we found an old oil tank. Unfortunately the digger driver drove into it and left a big hole, rendering it pretty useless for it's original incarnation. So like all tight asses we cut it in two and made two chicken shelters.
The girls took a while to grace it with their presence, but now they're at home.

We also decided to put up the post box we bought at Easter, so used some wood that James got from the 'goods in' department at work (rescued before going to the tip). As you can see the wee man got in on the action. Looks pretty good just inside the gate, I'll put up a pic next time.

The new lawnmower was delivered a few weeks ago and is awesome, it flies round the field and so the grass is looking lush.

Baby girl had her fourth birthday a few weeks ago and did her first day at school this week. She's been so grown up and wee man has settled back in. 

She also had her first haircut and was treated like a princess so loved every moment.

Last weekend we went to a friends wedding and the kids looked beautiful.

Lastly James has MOVED THE BOILER!!! And what's more it works so we'll have heating for winter. That means a vast network of pipes has been removed leaving the house looking tidier and greatly reduces the risk of frozen pipes like last year.


  1. Your chicken perch did really look on it's last legs!! Great news you are going to be warm for the winter. Beautiful photos of your children.

  2. I can't believe how well that grass has taken with the summer we've had! Looks amazing - no way did I think you'd get it back like that in a year! Need some sheep now!

  3. I am going to spend some time catching up on your blog, and blogging! I think it's great that you were "tight-asses" and made do with what you had and repurposed a hideaway for the chickens! We just finished our upstairs on our house, and I can feel the time becoming more and more free! I LOVE IT!

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  5. Like your new chicken house......ours was an bit of tin cut in half and nailed to a wooden frame, and did not look all that different to yours, Kirsty. And that was supposed to be temporary but actually lasted five years!

    Don't worry about losing motivation sometimes..... look on those times of inertia as rest, and do not worry about never picking up the pace again, because it will come back, me....I am speaking from ten years experience of trying to put a home together at the same time as building a smallholding!

    By the way, your children are looking gorgeous!