Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Ciao dalla Sicilia

Hey everyone, yes we're all safe and sound. We are just returning from a week in sunny Sicily tomorrow and I am thanking God for easyjet's sale last winter, we were so ready for a trip away. I found a small apartment overlooking the beach in mid-winter on tripadvisor too so we've had a lovely getaway. I can't put up any photos just yet as I forgot the thing to download them off my camera but once I'm home I'll put them up. It's been super hot here, between 32 and 39 degrees C and just as I'm getting used to the heat it's time to cool my heels in the UK!

The kids have loved the beach and I have dragged them round all the old ruins so it's been a good mix.

These are the views from the balcony. If anyone wants to know the name of the apartment send me a message, it is so convenient and suitable for a limited budget. I have tried very hard not to stress whilst here and am partially succeeding! More photos to follow soon...


  1. Glad you managed a holiday, and hopefully your batteries have been recharged!

  2. My wife and I lived in Italy from 1982-1985. During that period, most of Sicily was off limits to military personnel because of the large numbers of attacks on western tourists by bandits. Some of them were pretty awful.

    They must have cleaned it up considerably. I'm glad you all had a good vacation, it does help a person relax.

    1. This fascinates me, there was never a moment anything felt unsafe. It amazes me how quickly a previously safe place can be dangerous and a once dangerous place becomes safe.