Monday, 11 July 2016

A million holiday photos

Today was the return to work after a holiday and it wasn't too bad! 

The week in Sicily was lovely, we had a different mix of activities to what we're used to. In the past James and I have been able to do the things we enjoy and the kids were too young to really have much say. This holiday it began to show that James and I can't trail round historical monuments all day, every day and have two happy children whilst we do it! So we had a 50/50 split between the beach and activities. I got to see the greek temple complex at Agrigento and Villa Romana del Casale, with the best mosaics in Europe and the greek theatre in Taormina.

Where we stayed there was a cablecar from the beach up to the town of Taormina, the kids loved that!  

Everyone's favourite day was the trip to Mount Etna, currently the only active volcano in Europe. You take a cable car half way up and then load into big wheeled buses to get to the summit. We then had a wander round the top. When I said we, I meant baby girl got carried all the way round, she is getting so heavy. Little man enjoyed the gift shops at the bottom too!

There was loads of ice cream and pizza and pasta and so much sun.

The house is coming along brilliantly now, they are putting tiles on the roof today. James has even managed to get into the extension this weekend and started putting in wires and boxes for the rewire. I spent a few hours do all the weeding in the garden, it's amazing how weeds shoot up overnight. 

Unfortunately Poppy the chicken also died while we were away, she'd been poorly before we went so it wasn't unexpected. Now when I leave the front door open there 's no naughty chicken coming in and pooping in the house, what a quiet house it is at the moment without the dog and Poppy getting under our feet.

I shall get out and take some house photos later and some of my cottage garden bed by the cabin, it is looking amazing with so many gorgeous colours.

I'm determined to not let work stress me out to the same extent again. If I can't get my head around letting it go at the end of the work day then I am going to have to find something else. A job is not worth making the rest of my life miserable. When I'm at work the job is a million times better than my old one, when I have a day working from home trying to sign surgeries up to reviews when they are unwilling it's a million times worse. Time will tell.

Now I was initially going to put some photos into the text but I have so many I want to put up so I've put them below and you can look through as many as you can manage, I appreciate that other peoples holiday snaps are so boring!


  1. sooo glad that you all had such a wonderful vacation and the pics are lovely! i enjoyed looking at each one of them. but no pics of what must have been awesome food!!! if you have any food pics - put them up!

    and yes - do not let work stress you to your limits - it's not worth it.

    sending much love! your friend,

    1. I didn't take too many food pictures, I used to, seem to have my hands full with the kids now. Love to you too!

  2. Strange how much we miss our animal friends when they are gone.

    Work nearly killed me. I can sympathise. One thing I do think. I worked for the same company for twenty years. Good benefits, good compensations. But the CEO was a monster. In retrospect it was a mistake.

    1. Animals are easier to love than humans most of the time. I am on a quest to enjoy life, if it doesn't work I need to fix it, work included. Enjoy the retirement Harry, it's well deserved.