Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wildflower bed

I've said a few times I'll show you my wildflower bed. I'm really pleased with it and every time I look there are more colours. It's wild in more ways than one, there are a number of weeds bulking it out!


  1. We planted some wild flower seeds a couple of years ago, and now they are growing all over the farm. We also planted a mix of 'domestic' flowers, and they also have gone wild.

  2. Very beautiful and homey. I like flowers and my wife loves them. She had this place looking like a Garden of Eden, until 1999. That's when we got chickens, and I decided to free range them. The chickens devastated the flowers. Then I got two goats and they just about finished off the rest of her plants. She does have a hydrangea from back then, and some shrubs, but all the beautiful flowers are gone. Now we just have hanging baskets.

  3. oh Kirsty - soooo very pretty! like you! i am glad that you enjoy your wildflowers. do you want some lupin seeds from a across the pond? i'd be happy to send you some! (lupins are wild and natural to north america and are incredibly beautiful!).

    sending much love! your friend,