Saturday, 16 July 2016

House update - Tiling the roof

Yet another terrible start to the day whilst having breakfast  and checking the news this week. My heart goes out to the French again, it really could happen to any of us who have to go into public.

On to happier things, the house is coming along well. This week the builders have been tiling the roof. In the evening James has been starting to run cables and I am keeping busy in the garden with weeding, picking fruit, mowing and watering.

Last weekend I made 10 and a bit pints of raspberry jam too, used my Ball canning book again and put them in the water bath after cooking. I used the tatler rings and all but one sealed, so we started on that one first.

In the next few weeks the roof will be finished, the guttering fixed in place, the small lean to finished. We got the windows ordered yesterday. They were supposed to be ordered three weeks ago but plans came back wrong a few times, now they're right and in three more weeks they should be on-site for the window fitter. Then when the house is secure, the knock through's will be done to put the new doorways into the existing structure.

So far we're most pleased with the front stonework, they have done a beautiful job of putting all the odd sized pieces of stone together.

We're still thinking carefully about the final configuration of the house, a fourth bedroom and a small bathroom or three bedrooms and a big bathroom? Not sure still, although we'll need to decide soon.


  1. If you can, try laying some wood on the floor and divide the room up and use boxes to be toilets and things. That way you can get a real idea for space. It's all looking good though.

  2. Working the plans is the hard bit, only you can decide, just list the uses for the top floor, how often do you get visitors, when your children are older will the bigger bathroom work for the family, or will a box room give you extra living/useful space.

  3. wow its really starting to come along. Myself I would opt for the extra bedroom. You dont live in the bathroom. unless its the only bathroom, I would go smaller. If it is the only bathroom, make it smaller any ways and make the 4th bed another bathroom. Have the plumbing put in and then decide later or when money is available. if you ever had to sell a 4th bed is worth more. You could also have it as a walk in wardrobe, craft room or storage room. Think of all the shelves that could go in there!

  4. It's really taking shape now Kirsty, how exciting! x

  5. I might have missed it in an earlier post, but does the plan include a study for your husband? When the kids were home I really needed a place to just go read or listen to the radios. My wife had a sewing room back then, where she could hide out too.

  6. The house is coming along absolutely beautifully! Personally, I would go with having another bedroom rather than having a bigger bathroom. If you don't need it for a bedroom, you could use it as a craft room or just a reading room. The roof also looks very nice and I can't wait to see the finished product. I know you will enjoy all of the hard work put into this house.