Monday, 27 June 2016

Onwards and upwards

So today I am pulling on my big girl trousers and getting a grip. Well sort of, still a bit down about work, I've got a lot of vacant days and trying to get work is tough. 
We are however off on our holidays soon though so the end is in sight. We are lucky enough that James' sister wants a week of peace so she is going to live at ours, sit in the sun (or more likely shelter in the front room) and read and relax and more importantly feed the chickens and water the veg. Not to mention stop burglars! 

We spent a few hours yesterday with the kids as a family in the local national trust house Brockhampton. They've opened up more of the house since we last went and it is beautiful, the garden is my inspiration for the future. It did us all good to spend time away from the house and cheer up a wee bit.

So here's some pictures of the progress on the house, which has come on leaps and bounds this week.

Thanks for all the love, as always the support of our friends is invaluable.


  1. Wow that's an improvement, enjoy your break

  2. Your house is coming along a treat, and you must be looking forward to seeing it finished. Hope the day out lifted your spirits.

  3. LoOKs good with the roof on. We went to brokhampton the other day, trying to make the most of out national trust membership! The girls loved those battery candles!

  4. One thing I always have admired about your family, among others, is that you are really resilient. you take the hard knocks and just keep on going, and you don't seem to let any of it negatively impact the family. I admire that.

  5. Just came back by to see if things were going a little better now. You had me kind of worried.