Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Open plan?

We've not got much to report what with all the bank holidays and my builder taking a few extra days off for a holiday, the walls are ever so slightly higher than they were this time last week. Now that the walls are to the first floor we can get an idea of the space and light.

At the weekend we went to two BBQ's with friends and they were both fab. The sun shone, the cider flowed and we all chatted.

The original plan was to have the kitchen and sitting room seperate. Seeing the space we're considering keeping it open plan. The light could shine through from both ends. As we'll still have the snug that's our current living room we've a space to sit if I can't be bothered to put the dishes away after tea!

I also managed to get some money from the insurance company that represented the lorry driver who hit my front wall at the beginning of Feb. As with all things it took multiple phone calls over the last three months and some rather harsh words last week and whoop dee doo they sent the money. They say they'll pay the remainder when I give them a VAT receipt, you can't screw the taxman over with a cash in hand job.

The builders today said they'd have the walls built by the end of next week, I hate to be sceptical, but let's say I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.

Nice detail tying the front with side walls


  1. I have enough experience with builders to be thankful for what they have done, and not pay too much attention to the time frames they give! I trained myself to do this so I would not get too frustrated with how long it was taking to get the job done! But your place is coming on, and is looking good. Not sure about open plan though, as I have learnt that smaller rooms stay generally tidier!

  2. Love the stonework on the front

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  4. You're building for the long term, that's sure. Here most houses are built of wood, I'm impressed by all the stone work and block you are using. Your place has been around for over a hundred years, as I recall. It should be good for another couple hundred once you are finished.

  5. Whether you have a builder or are doing it yourself, I learned that there are two things you can count on with construction.
    1) deadlines are not going to be met
    2) it will go over budget

    Cindy Bee