Monday, 13 June 2016

The first floor is coming together

The first floor of the build has gone up quite a lot faster than the ground floor did, there is just the gable ends to build and the front stonework has gone no further than last time I posted a photo. The roofer was coming today to start the roof so I think it gave them a kick up the ass. 

Here are just a few photos to show how we're getting on with the upstairs.

View from the rear

This is the view from what will be our bedroom I can't wait to see it through the finished window.

This weekend we went to a garden festival to see Kev do his talk, it was very interesting to listen to, paced just right and he made people laugh. Whilst I was there I saw a peony plant that I really wanted and I spoilt myself. There's a huge pink one on the common just outside someone's house, I am desperate to dig up a  little part of the roots so I can propagate it, but I don't want to upset the neighbours getting caught stealing plants!


  1. Porgies is looking good Kirsty! The Peony is beautiful too x

  2. umm...I don't think I would dig up any flowers in someone's yard, but I've been known to take some seeds when the flowers are done blooming in the fall!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Jjust ask I bet they'll let you take some!
    Thanks again for coming to my talk - it's great to have some support. Now I've got a bit more tiem I think we need to do some more canning!

  4. I'm with Kev. Here if you see something like that, people are usually really nice about giving you some to grow. We have a hydrangea that must be twenty years old. Miriam got some from an old lady who had beautiful hydrangea growing out by the road. We just stopped and asked if we could get a bit to grow and she was happy to give them to us.

    I like the view from your bedroom. The one thing I really noticed right off was there are no pine trees there. Most of the trees here are some variety of pine or other, but we do have some maple and poplar too.

  5. Next time I go past I'm going to knock the door and see if they mind, although I'm pretty suspicious of random people knocking my door, if I say I'm only after a root they shouldn't be too freaked out.