Saturday, 11 June 2016

Tis the season for elderflower cordial

Just a heads up to anyone walking round with their eyes closed, it's elderflower season, at least in our neck of the woods! 
The trees round here are just covered and I had to have a quick gather and create to make my favourite drink, elderflower cordial. I thought I'd re-post my recipe card in case anyone wants to have a go.


  1. Our elderflowers are now all finished, which is a shame because I have only just found out that the flowers can be dehydrated for future use. I did mean to make elderflower cordial this year but things got in the way. Not to worry, I do have the elderberries to look forward to.

  2. Love Elder flower cordial! I also love the wine as well! No chance I've got tiem to make it this year though! I bet if you canned it, it would keep for a long time!