Friday, 31 July 2015

This weeks catchup

Hey guys, hope you're all ok? Last weekend we put the skirting in wee mans room and James made the windowsills and fitted them. 

Sill getting fitted for size, next we routered the edges.

This week has been all about painting, painting, painting. I've painted the walls, the ceiling, the skirting, the sills and it feels like the whole house! It has taken all the babies naps and the weekends but we're finally there, woohoo. This evening we have put up the blinds and the curtain poles. Tomorrow James' dad is coming over to help him put the wallpaper back up. We are hoping to put his furniture in there tomorrow and have our bedroom back!

Skirting in first then we got started on the sills.

Fireplace is in

We had a delivery of a tonne of wood this week for winter and moved it all to the woodshed. I'm hoping that will be enough for the winter along with the other wood we've got stored.

Our chicken Belle was poorly again, she has issues with soft shells and an egg had broken in her again so I gave her a bath and removed what I could from her vent. She has perked up again, so that's good news. Blossom is still sitting determinedly on her eggs and I am keeping my fingers crossed that next week she'll have her chicks.

Today while baby girl was sleeping, wee man and I picked some plums. There's a tree at the bottom of the garden that is laden with fruit. They're very small plums, definitely not damsons. We picked enough for a big batch of jam and it looks like we've not even touched the tree.

This week I made a batch of courgette bhajis thanks to some inspiration from Dawn. They were very yummy, I made a batch of naan bread to go with the curry and it was amazing!

When I went to get the courgettes from the garden I found a few courgettes that had been hiding from me and turned to marrows, so maybe I should call them marrow bhajis?

This picture doesn't do the scale justice. The courgette was pretty big, the marrows are huge!

Tomorrow I'll should have some pictures of the room all papered to share.

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  1. That curry looks delicious. You folks are coming right along with your place. Soon it will be just as you like it and you can sit back and enjoy it.