Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bring on the canning

In the evenings when I've had a bit of spare time I've been completing a canning course online that I signed up to thanks to a recommendation from the lovely Kymber. It was really thorough and I think I'm at the stage where all there is to do now is give it a go. 
So I'm watching the tomatoes with bated breath ready for the chance to get the big saucepan out and try my hand at canning.


  1. A couple of years ago, I was all motivated to learn canning. Then someone pointed out to me that without a garden of my own, I could buy canned vegetables at the grocery store cheaper than I could go to the farmers market, buy vegetables, and can them. I could kick myself, because we have a county cannery here that you can use for free, and if I would just get out and garden I could use that. But unlike so many other survivalists/preppers, I don't have a green thumb and I don't really like to garden. When I did raise corn, it was a constant struggle to keep the bears and the wild hogs out of it. So I am really weak in regards to this facet of self sufficiency. I admire those who can raise their own food and can it. That's sustainable, while going to the grocery store may not always be possible. Kymber is a good teacher, that woman grows wonderful things and she makes the best meals out of them. I envy Jam those delicious meals she prepares for him.

  2. Kirsty - i am sooo proud of you! it seems that everyone starts off being scared of it, but then after a few attempts, it becomes as easy as pie. my friend, SciFiChick, of the bacon and eggs blog (who passed last year) took that course and she became a master canner and people always went to her for advice. i just know that with all of the skills you already have - canning will be a breeze. and i bet $20 bucks that once you start canning - you'll want to can everything in the house! like lathe and plaster, old nails, rocks from the garden - none of them good for nutrition or "putting up" for the winter - but you'll have canned soo much produce that you'll run out of things to can - bahahahah! i wish you the best of luck but know that you'll become an old hand at it.

    sending much love, your friend,