Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Broody Blossom

I've had another broody hen in the nest box for the last few days. This particular lady became broody about two months ago and I had a hell of a time breaking her. She was excluded from the chickens pen and she spent her time running back and forwards at the bars like a reverse prison escapee. It took a good three weeks before she could be let back in with the others during the day. 

This time as soon as I saw her spending too much time in the nest I came to inspect and she did that indignant clucking noise which signalled another broody episode. She's in for another lengthy exclusion, but as she's bottom of the pecking order anyway I hate to make it worse. So what am I to do with poor Blossom? 


  1. keep chucking her out of the nest box, or give her a couple of fertile eggs to sit on, I have one that likes to think she is broody I wait until they layers have laid then shut the door to the hen house so she cant get in its not opened again until tea time a couple of days and she gives up :-)

  2. mentioned you in a post today - teehee!

    your friend,

  3. Hatch some eggs! I'll bring you some Friday!

  4. Take Kev's offer and let her use her energy to hatch some chicks!