Monday, 20 July 2015

Putting up the final wall in the wee man's room

Blossom is still doing a good job sitting on her eggs, but she's set off her best friend Abigail, who is now sitting in the box too. The other girls have started laying in with Blossom and when I had a check on her today she's collected another clutch of eggs from the other girls. I had to mark all her original eggs up so I could remove the rest.

As for the weekend we made up the stud wall to finish off all the major building work in wee man's room. The original plan was to expose what was under the plywood board that was acting as the wall surface. Underneath was some 2 x 2 inch wood and we decided to add our 2 x 4 batons to the structure rather than take it down and risk pulling down the ceiling. 

The stud work as revealed when we took of the board.

We put in a new door frame too as the old one wasn't a door frame and made a step in the wall. We picked a standard size one to make choosing doors easier.

The new door frame ready to go in

The door frame removed

Once we'd made the stud work we infilled the gaps with 100mm Rockwoll to keep it warm and make it quieter. The original wall was just plywood on either side of the frame so it really lets sound through, it'll be great that we don't disturb the little man when he's in bed. 

Extra studding in along with the new doorframe

Sound insulation added. It had to be cut to go between the two stud walls.

On Saturday night we got the plasterboard up and in Sunday morning we added some more screws in and James plastered the wall. He's getting a pro now, it's really smooth. 

Plasterboard up

It's dried really quickly so this evening I started on the long task of painting the walls.



  1. The place looks very sturdy and durable. You'll be all snug when the renovations are complete.

    1. You're right Harry, these renovations are designed to last a lifetime, I don't want to re-do anything in a hurry!

  2. Kirsty - you guys are doing such an awesome job! and like Harry says above - you've got a very sturdy structure and all of this work that you are doing now will pay off in future years when you don't have to do it!

    your friend,

  3. It looks very nice and sturdy. Great work, I really am interested in seeing it after all the renovations are done. I'm sure your son is all excited for it to be done. I have two daughters and when we were remodeling their new rooms, they couldn't wait for it to be done and over with so that they could enjoy them.