Thursday, 16 July 2015

Small victories for both James and Blossom

This evening James managed to finish the pointing on the back of the house, big yay! It's such a great feeling to get to a defined end point. 

It's just the front of the house to do now. James left this until last as it's the smallest wall and also as there's a sloping roof in front so it's a bit awkward to get to.

The front of the house

As for Blossom, you all persuaded me and today I dropped by at Kev's, who very kindly gave me some (hopefully) fertile eggs for her to brood over. A few months ago we picked up a chicken coop for £20 that one of James' work colleagues had used as a rabbit hutch. I planned to replace a few pieces of chewed wood and give it a paint up. With everything else I haven't got round to it, but tonight we gave it a clean up, put it together, filled it with bedding and we've got a baby hatching palace. It's not that long since I was a broody mama, so I feel her pain, she deserves a chance at being a mummy.

Blossom is making herself at home already

I have never hatched any eggs before so it's all a new learning experience, super exciting!

I also took a picture of my Sunday roast the other day to show you what an unimaginative meal I made with all my veg, just the meat bought at the co-op. Great ideas though from you all.


  1. Glad you went for the advice about giving your broody hen some eggs to sit on. You will love seeing those little chicks hatch out and grow up. And wow!!!! You have managed a meal which is almost all homegrown! Well done you.... it looks a lovely meal, and very artistically laid out on the plate as well!

  2. That roast looks delicious. My kind of meal, meat and potatoes!

    I liked the little house for your chicken. She looks like something from a Beatrice Potter book.