Thursday, 7 May 2015

We've done our civic duty

I'd love to say that I've been to the polling station today but to be honest I voted by post. It's a bit of a legacy from when I used to work long hours all over the place and couldn't guarantee being home to vote. I also like to think I may be giving the poor post office some business, all this email hits them hard.
I suppose like most people the older I've gotten the more interested I am in politics and consequently in voting. When I was in my late teens and early 20's, older members of the family used to say 'you wait until you're older your politics will change'. It used to drive me insane! I always felt as though the older you get the more your opinion is taken seriously, which may explain why I feel my opinion now means more, very odd really.
As you get older you are generally earning more and subsequently paying tax and let's be honest we all want a say in where our money goes. I want my taxes to go towards causes I believe in, like hard work paying off!
Watching the news (another pastime which has grown on me) also makes me realise how lucky I am that I can have a say in how my country is ruled. 

So now it's just time to wait and see what the results will be and whether any of the bloody politicians stick to their word.

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