Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Today's walk and my free spuds

Today has been another beautiful day. Wednesday is my day that I do a mums walking group and it was so pretty, so I took a few pictures on my phone. They are of Castlemorton Common which is like a place from another time. Every time I go through there I have to stop for the sheep that people graze using their commoners rights. Today the lambs were sat on the edge of the road and following their mums about. The other pictures are of views from the hills and the quarry that is in the valley half way round the walk all filled with water. As you can see the bluebells are still in bloom.

Here is one of the sheep that I took out of the car window. Look at the wee lamb following mum.

When spring is here and the sun is shining I think that I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and I'm very grateful. 

This weekend we had to pop to the garden centre to buy some strawberry plants as the ones that I had bought as bare root plants just never came to anything. While I was there I spied a display outside with a sign saying FREE potatoes. They were seed potatoes that were past when they should have been planted. I took a few bags and got home to realise 'where can I put them?'  So I used some potato planter bags that I used in the last house. As they start to sprout I'll fill the bags up with compost.

The greenhouse is starting to look full too.

The spuds in the ground have been mounded up and they're starting to poke through again.

James has been poorly this week so he's been off work. I could count on one hand the days he's been sick in the past 10 years so he really is feeling under the weather. That means I've been in the garden on my own this week but hopefully James will be back to full strength soon.


  1. Nothing better than free, hopefully you will get a few meals from them :-)

  2. Spuds look good. I picked up a bag of seed potatoes for 50p the other day and thought I was doing good but you beat me! I don't think it's too late to plant anyway.
    Walk looked great, wish I could have come but I've got so much to do, trying to get all the bricks and block for the extension at the moment and it's taking ages getting prices and things. Last week I really let the garden slide so I'm trying to catch up and stay on top of it as well. Lots coming on though!

  3. What a lovely walk, it's lovely to get out and see the countryside. Good idea about those seed potatoes. We shall be going to the local nursery this weekend so I shall look out for any offers on potatoes and if we are lucky then I shall follow your idea of planting them in bags.

  4. We walk at least 3 miles a day if it's not pouring down. You see so much more of the countryside when you go walking than inside a car.

  5. You can see a long way where you live. The woods are so thick here that you can only see any distance by getting on the mountain tops. Sorry about sickness in the family , I hope he recovers soon.