Monday, 25 May 2015

Day out in the Cotswolds

I've not posted in a while as I had a job interview on Friday that involved a presentation. When I get stressed about something I find it takes all of my energy and I didn't get anything else useful done. Now it's done however it's like a cloud has been lifted and we've been very busy this weekend.

On Saturday we decided to take a trip to Broadway in the Cotswolds. It's one of my favourite days out, it really is so beautiful. We had a wonder around the town and had some lunch. Once we'd finished we went to Bourton-on-the-water. They call it the Venice of the Cotswolds and I'm not sure on a sunny day that there's anywhere more beautiful. There's a river flowing through the village that is wide and shallow with lots of quaint bridges, some of them were built in the 1700's. When it's sunny it's mobbed and there were loads of Japanese and American tourists taking lots of photos. It would be one of the first places I'd take visitors.



As the weather was so lovely the little man had a paddle in the river and I took hundreds of photos on James's phone. It was a great day, the only downside being that baby girl was tired and flat out refuses to sleep in the car...EVER. She maintained a constant load cry for about an hour whilst we drove home. In the evening I got my last few onions planted and I have some broccoli and pumpkins that need a place in the veg beds soon, unfortunately I've run out of room so it may involve some creative solutions.

Today we cut some softwood pallets that James collected over the winter. I was determined that this winter we wouldn't be cutting the wood in the dark and rain so the plan is so do it in manageable chunks this summer. James did more knocking out of old mortar from the wall. We also filled the car with the remnants of the old kitchen and I'll take it to the tip tomorrow. My mum is having the kids for the morning and it's the first time I'll leave the baby girl. We're getting her used to it in preparation for my return to work, which is fast approaching.


  1. I always love Bourton on the water, but it's always full of people

  2. Good luck with that job must be tough having to go back to work, but at least your mum looks after them for you. Lovely photos.

  3. I hope the job interview went well for you. That looks like a very nice place to visit. My wife likes little towns she can plunder around in and look in all the shops.