Saturday, 2 May 2015

Family trip to the garden centre

Today we made a trip to the local garden / craft centre. I wanted to have a quick trip out for the bank holiday weekend with the family, sometimes it seems we are always doing in the house and it's nice to spend time together.  We had a quick look at the currants there to see how they compare with mine. The leaves look similar but the flowers look different so I'm still not 100%, we'll see how the berries look later in the season. The guy there wasn't sure when I showed him the pictures, I think he was more interested in me buying his stock to be sure!! While I was there I did buy two blueberry bushes though, oops. One early and one late season, so James is excited for blueberry muffins throughout the summer.

They also have a little shop that sells mainly local alcohol so I also got some cider made at Westons, a few miles down the road and some malt whiskey liquor which I really enjoy, so double oops!

We also made a start on cutting up some of our green wood ready to season. That'll continue tomorrow if the weather holds. The little man has a toy chainsaw that kept him occupied whilst daddy was cutting and I was stacking the wood.

James was with his best friend one evening this week and they were clearing out his friends storage containers. I gave them both strict instructions that James wasn't allowed to come home with loads of tools, the garage and sheds are overflowing already. As it turned out he only came home with a welder that was ours and a cute little vintage kids trolley. It was super rusty and the wheels were seized but James took it apart and has it hung up in our back outbuilding. It's been sanded down a bit to reduce the surface rust and spray painted with a coat of primer and two coats of black top coat. We plan to put it together tomorrow and the wee man can use it to help me shift the cut wood around, he just loves being involved. 

Hope you all have a productive May day weekend :-)


  1. Your wee man is lovely with his wee chain saw toy, what a lovely trolley find that is, you will have to look at taking some cuttings from your blueberries and increase your stock for free :-)

    1. Dawn that was my first thought when I get home, I wonder if I can find how to propagate them!

  2. I love it when my grand son Sam works with me in the garden, they are such cute helpers. When ever we are back in Somerset, we head for Taunton, and Sheppys Cider, they are on the Wellington road, loads of lovely flavours.