Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pottering in the garden

This weekend we've been pottering in the garden, mowing, planting, strimming and James has continued on the laborious job of pointing. We also hitched up the trailer to the back of the mower and moved a big pile of wood that needs chopping and seasoning off the front drive up to the back by the wood shed. James got a new chainsaw this week so was more than happy to chop it into lengths that I could manage to lift onto the trailer! It's got more power than our smaller one which is great to use at height as it's lighter and more manageable.

We also went out for breakfast with some of our wonderful friends and the kids at a sort of farm park this morning.

This afternoon I  did the first strim of the year which always seems hard work because the grass in the garden and round the verges in the lane gets so long over the autumn, winter and early spring.

The most difficulty I had was with the grass in-between the veg beds so I really need to get something down between them to keep the grass and weeds down. I was thinking of getting hold of some wood chippings as they're degradable and I should think fairly cheap. What does everyone else use in between beds?

All tidy for the time being


  1. Do you know any tree surgeons they might be able to supply the clippings for free, it's always hard work at this time of year.

  2. I've got some slabs and some with wood chip. The slabs win hands down and look great. Wood chip is only viable if you can get it for free really.
    Love the little trailer for the lawn mower!

  3. I'll keep my eyes out guys and see what comes first. There is some forestry work going on not far from us, so if I see the guys at work I'll have a word. Equally if I see on slabs going on freecycle I'll try and get them!