Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Our Easter Weekend

The long Easter weekend has been packed full of activities for James and I and the kids. James does an annual Easter egg hunt for us and this year it was so much fun. I was looking at the pictures from last year and what a difference. Baby girl has gone from a small bump to a big baby.

Bump... baby
Not to mention the little man, he has really changed!

The Easter bunny left clues and chocolate everywhere!

I've sown some more seeds in the beds and they're filling up fast, not sure where I'm going to fit everything!

Crappy old mortar
James started back on pointing the house. He managed to get the side wall done last autumn, but when the cold weather drew in he had to leave it as the lime mortar wouldn't set properly. 

He's going to write up a quick post on how it all works. But for now here's a few pictures of where we are with it all.

The lovely job James did last year
Back wall with old mortar raked out

New mortar in, before being brushed off

I also started painting our gate, who knew it would take so long when the baby was napping, it'll still be half done next month at this rate. One it's done I'll post a photo.

Last but not least I strimmed next doors wilderness as it's so ugly from our window. I literally took the brambles back a few metres but it looks better.

Hope everyone's had a productive and fun break. Take Care.


  1. Lovely easter memories, the pointed wall looks great :-)

    1. Thanks Dawn, making family memories are the best and the wall looks great, well done hubby!

  2. Lovely photo's, their childhood is so precious, jobs are always much harder with two young children, but things will get done.

  3. Children grow up so fast as your photos show. That Easter hunt looked fun. No Easter eggs here, just a bar of dark chocolate! The pointing looks real neat....the walls of house here in France are made of river stones. We did clean out and repoint the walls in part of the house but have decided to cover the rest of the walls because of the amount of insects that tend to live in the crevices of the exposed walls.