Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bat Report's back!

I got the report back from the people who did the bat survey for our planning submission. When the lady was here she said she wasn't sure if she'd put no risk i.e. no further investigation required or moderate risk i.e. we would need another survey where people have to come out in the evening and 'count bats'. I said at the end that I was not paying for another survey unless the planning authority said I had to! It was £450 just to have the hours visit I had the other week, can you imagine how much it would cost for an evening survey of a few hours with multiple people? Thank God she didn't find any bats or the cost would be astronomical.

Anyway, good news, she put that there was basically no evidence of bats in our roof, that they could potentially live there, but key point 'they don't!' My friend summed it up by saying a pygmy from papua new guinea could live in her loft, but they don't so what's to worry about.

This is the final step now and we are all ready to submit so I'm hoping we'll get a result in the next 3 months or so. Finally!!


  1. keeping everything crossed for you,, at least you know you are bat free :-)

  2. Great start now we all hope you get you planning permission

  3. Good news about having no bats, and hope everything goes smoothly for you.