Monday, 27 April 2015

Another job off the list and our wedding anniversary

This weekend we got a little bit of carpet fitted upstairs. A few months ago we got some carpet from one of my mums friends. She was having new fitted and had a huge piece taken up and kindly offered it to us. It gets really cold here over winter and we don't have carpet upstairs at all and only in small patches elsewhere. As the house will be reconfigured we didn't want to buy new and have to throw it away at some later point, it's just so wasteful. So we have used the secondhand carpet in the hallway upstairs and baby girls room. We have also placed the other larger pieces in little mans room. It should certainly keep out some of the draughts from between the floorboards. It's not too patterned or anything so I'm super pleased with it.

It was also our wedding anniversary this weekend, 5 years.
My mother-in-law came to sit in the house on Saturday night once we'd put the kids to bed, so we had a lovely evening out, we went to the cinema and had a meal. It was like before we had the kids except once we'd left them, all we did was talk about them!


  1. Well done guys - five years is a good milestone! We're the same when we go out as well!

  2. Happy anniversary, and may you enjoy many years together in peace and harmony....apart from the odd argument or two, because none of us are perfect, and making up after verbal spats is tremendous fun!

  3. congratulations and happy 5th anniversary - here's to at least 50 more!!!!!

    your friend,

  4. Thanks guys. Haha Vera you made me giggle!!! Kymber I'm hoping for 70 more, I live in hope!