Monday, 23 February 2015

Weekend update

We've got a few things finished off this weekend. I got the last pane for the greenhouse from Amazon, so it was fitted and it's all ready for my veg. We also managed to fill the last two vegetable beds with soil, all ready to go and covered them with some cardboard left over from the greenhouse just to keep the weeds down.

The next step is to dig over the area that we are going to plant our potatoes in. It's just next to the greenhouse but is currently turfed (with a strong contingent of weeds). James has had a look at hiring a rotovator to help us turn the area over but it's about £60-70 a day, that's just mental! We may be back in the garden digging it all over by hand :-(

Also last week I had a meeting with a firm to draw up some more plans for getting an extension on the house. The guy asked some really interesting questions which gives me faith hat he knows what he's doing. I look forward to getting some initial drawings and am so excited to be starting afresh.

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