Sunday, 8 February 2015

Kitchen reveal and on a tidying mission...

This week we've had a bit of a change of pace. We finished our kitchen last week and I've got few pictures here to show you. It is such a fantastic change and although done with a second hand kitchen it really looks great. We added a new worktop and some tiles and it makes the whole thing look made for us. I have more storage so now everything has it's place and it looks tidy.

Compare this to what we started with and I think it looks a million times better. The only other thing we want to do is to re-paper the walls above the tiles as it really lets the kitchen down. You know how it is, you make one thing look nice and it leads to other jobs. We never planned to go to mad as we plan one day to get a kitchen we want but we want it to look clean and tidy.

We had a pile of paperwork on the kitchen table for months and so the next logical step to finish the kitchen was to finally sort this pile. While I was at it I thought I better also sort the three or four (or six or seven) other piles that I had stashed in the dining room. To be honest there was so much junk in there we couldn't use it at all. 

Ever since we moved there has been stuff that hasn't had a home and it's time to sort it all out before the weather improves and we get on with outside jobs. So this weeks challenge has been to sort it all out. James and I spent the evenings sorting paperwork, keeping what was necessary and chucking the rest. We also found new homes for other stuff and made a bag for stuff for the charity shop.

Last weekend we also went to IKEA and got some storage for the kids toys. We had a massive chest and our son couldn't find anything he wanted to play with. We got some cupboards and drawers and now he can find whatever he likes and our front room looks less like toys'r'us. So basically this week has been sort, sort, sort!

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  1. ack. am i bad if i admit that i am jealous? i don't mean to be...i just can't help it!!!!