Sunday, 15 February 2015

Greenhouse is up!

Today we got the greenhouse constructed on the concrete pad by our veg beds. All the work we did in the evenings really helped as we managed to put up most of it with the baby having a nap in her cot. It is super light so we screwed it into the pad but it looks good. My only complaint? They left out a bloody glazing panel. How irritating, now I have to enter into lots of back and forth with Amazon to try and get another one. If they want it returned they can take it all made up because I'm not taking it down!! I'm more annoyed than I should be, but I think the last five things I've bought online have had a fault and needed returning so this is about the last straw.

As we were busy building, the little man kept calling me a veggie. When I asked what veggie I was he said pepper and asked me if I was growing bigger and bigger, he's so sweet, he's really excited to get the veg growing.

We also planted our apple trees as cordons using instructions from Kev here at an English homestead. I'm hoping to use them as screening between us and the very overgrown field next door and will need a few more trees over the next few years to fill it out a bit.

We also spent some time shifting more soil into our veg beds so we now have two full beds ready for this years crop. The area we're moving it from will then be level with the rest of the ground and is where I plan to plant the spuds this year.

I'll take some photos next time I'm out back but James took one of the wee man in the greenhouse (his greenhouse so he tells me)

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