Friday, 13 February 2015

Seed sort out, chitting and greenhouse prep

This week I've had a sort out of my seeds and made a chart to organise what needs planting and when. I'm really excited to get some things in the ground, or at least get them started in the greenhouse. Which leads me to what else we've been up to; putting our greenhouse up. 

We had an old rotten greenhouse that was in pieces ready for construction in the garden but a thorough look persuaded us it really wasn't up to the job. I've got some small plastic greenhouses but I'm planning on using these for acclimatising my seedlings. I bought a metal greenhouse that was within our budget which I'm hoping will last for a few years until we can get something more permanent. We've been constructing the bits we can inside to save us spending hours in the cold this weekend with the kids. Hopefully by the end of Sunday I'll have some pictures to show you of our beautiful greenhouse all built and excited to grow it's seed babies.

This years growing will probably be a bit of a challenge. On a positive point we have a much sunnier spot for our veg beds at this house but we're also much more exposed on a hill so we tend to have frost on the ground much longer. I had an idea of what would and wouldn't grow in our last garden but now it's all new. I've decided to just have a go at growing some of my favourite veg and see what works.

I've also set my potatoes to chitting so my windowsills are full of spuds growing their roots ready for planting.

So this weekend it's getting the greenhouse built and I've also got some apple trees to plant in their final home from a friend Kev at An English Homestead, a Pitmaston pineapple and Blenham orange, looking forward to seeing the fruit this autumn.

Plus James is off collecting some wood from our lovely neighbour Jane who's had her woods managed and is letting us take a few trailer loads for seasoning in exchange for some of James' time at some future point. Is there anything better than free wood? (Ok so I'm sure most people would say yes but in our house we LOVE free wood!!)

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