Thursday, 1 January 2015

Kitchen revamp

We’ve had a busy end to the year at the cottage. First we put most of the finishing touches to baby girls room and then as James had a week off between Christmas and new year we decided to fit our new kitchen. Whilst our kitchen is new to us, it’s a second hand one off ebay. As I’ve mentioned before we have spent 12 months trying to get planning permission for an extension but as there’s no sign of us getting it any time soon I just couldn’t live with the state of the current kitchen. 
It was filthy, greasy and knackered and I couldn’t get it clean with any amount of bleach and scrubbing. Drawers wouldn’t close, the cooker thermostat had broken and would cremate all the food and the handle had snapped so it had to be pried open. For my sanity we decided to get a cheap kitchen and use it for (hopefully) the short term. 

Old Kitchen 

We’ve saved some money and have bought a new oven and induction hob and when we get our proper kitchen in it’s final location we’ll move them there.

First James put in some more sockets, because you can never have too many in a kitchen! Then he removed the old carcasses with barely a push. We did it in two halves, the units to the left of the cooker were installed and levelled and then the units to the right with the sink. We had to keep our old sink as the waste was too high for the new sink without drilling through an external wall.

Wiring in new sockets
New units installed
After a lot of plumbing we got the sink carcass in and it was time to fit the worktops. James's best friend is a builder and he brought round some kit to put nice joins in the worktop. After cutting a hole for the sink and hob we started fitting the doors and drawers. My hob was wired in by James (who's an electrical engineer) and as if my magic we had pasta for tea cooked on the most amazing hob in the world. I have never seen water boil so quickly or such responsive controls. As you can tell I'm a bit excited by being able to use a nice cooker. The oven comes next week so I'll be deliriously happy then!

Sink unit installed

Over the next few days I'll give it a good clean and we'll put up a few wall units which we've never had so I'll have more storage. As the ceiling is so low we'll have very few but it'll be better than before so I'm happy.

Even without tiles and no doors on the units or oven it looks so much better. I'll post our progress and we go on.

Have a very happy new year!

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