Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Our Little Christmas Miracle

When we started baby girls bedroom 6 months ago, I jokingly said so long as it's ready for Christmas!
Well I have just sat down from doing the final coat of gloss on the skirting boards. We first discussed that we should start to decorate the room for when the baby arrived when I was about 6 months pregnant.

We left it as late as possible in case we got planning permission for our extension, as the final plan will affect which rooms stay in their current format and we didn't want to waste time and money doing work that may have to be altered. As you can imagine, if you've ever tried getting planning in a reasonable timescale through the council, the process is still nowhere near resolved after 12 months and we knew we needed somewhere for the baby to sleep.

We should have known it was likely to take longer than planned when we pulled off some loose wallpaper and all of the plaster underneath came off with it!

So in six months we:-

  1. Stripped wallpaper
  2. Knocked all of the plaster off
  3. Re-pointed the stone walls underneath
  4. Removed airing cupboard from room
  5. Removed toilet and sink from the corner of bedroom (don't ask)
  6. Sanded the floorboards
  7. Treated the floorboards and joists for woodworm
  8. Varnished the floorboards
  9. Moved the pipework for the radiators and random exhibitionist en suite (no walls just in the bedroom!)
  10. Battened the walls and filled them with insulation
  11. Plaster boarded and then plastered
  12. Made and fitted two new windowsills
  13. Fixed lock on window
  14. Fitted a new light
  15. Fitted skirting
  16. Painted and decorated walls, windowsills and skirting.
When I type it all out I can see why it took so long, especially with a young child and newborn baby and all done in evenings and weekends.

We are so lucky to have the skills ourselves and friends with useful knowledge to impart to enable us to have finished the baby's room and here we are on Christmas eve with an (almost) complete bedroom for baby girl. Photos to follow when I can dig some before photos out to go with the done ones.

Happy Christmas x


  1. I know what you mean about being able to accomplish such a big project yourselves. It's a great feeling! Plus you get it exactly the way you want it. That's priceless. :)

  2. You're right Leigh it is a great feeling!