Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What a busy weekend

As usual we've had an exceptionally busy weekend. We really are on the home stretch with finishing the kitchen. We filled the chasing out that James did to put in some new sockets. We then started to tile the splash back with some metro tiles that we bought on sale at Wickes; January is really the best time to do DIY as all the sales are on and we like sale prices :-). James is busy tonight putting in some plinths so we can finish the last areas of tiling and tomorrow evening (hopefully) we'll grout the tiles. One evening last week we hung some wall units, we didn't get as many up as we'd hoped as the ceiling height meant that they just overhung the worktops too low making them feel overcrowded. When we get our final kitchen in a few years I'm not sure if we won't have to have some short wall units made to keep the kitchen usable. That's a worry for another day though. Excuse the mess as usual, I really have to learn to pose a room for pictures, but who's got time for that? I even got all of my cookbooks out and on the shelf for the first time since I moved in, yippee!

I put up my Christmas present from James, a beautiful outside clock. It found it's new home on my garage wall and isn't she looking pretty! Come summer this will be fantastic as we're always outside keeping busy with the garden. As a bonus I can see it from my sofa so I'll always know the time when I'm watching TV during the day (did I just admit I do that?!). The sun was just setting once I'd done and it's one of the most beautiful times of the day so I took a photo to try and catch the light.

I also made two batches of Seville orange marmalade. It was a bit of a squeeze to fit it all in to one weekend but the Seville orange season is only a few weeks in January and I have to make enough to last all year. My next post will be a few pictures and the recipe.

P.S. If you read my post the other day, my chicken Belle is feeling much better after her few days of pampering and vitamin drops so I'm much happier.

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  1. i looooove the clock! and the garage! and the kitchen! and i am so glad that Belle got to feeling better!