Sunday, 10 April 2016

Clearing the extension and unpleasant post

These last few weeks we've been emptying the extension ready for demolition. It's due to start a week on Monday, all very exciting.

We've also been gathering the various rubble from around the garden and putting it in one place to add to the other demolition waste.  

Last weekend we went to the charity shop and dropped off around 6 or 7 bin bags full of clothes, toys and household goods that we don't need. I absolutely hate waste and can''t throw anything away, which is why I had such a collection to give away. One contributing factor is that family always buy us Christmas and birthday presents, obviously it's super kind but so many are duplicated things we own or things that aren't to my taste. Anyway, hopefully someone will get use from these things. The one thing I will moan about though, bloody body lotion. The most useless creation known to mankind! I have so many bottle/tubs of lotion to rub into my skin. I never ever get round to using them and you know no one will buy second hand lotion from the charity shop so it's all been binned.

James has disconnected some of the electrical and lighting circuits from the extension and this week we will disconnect the rest (the royal we). The water pipes will also need moving this week.

Today we moved our bedroom furniture into the kids rooms and even threw some away. We had some IKEA chest of drawers that we'd bought 10 plus years ago when we first moved in together. Now they'd been fixed multiple times and I couldn't open two of the three drawers. James took much glee in throwing them out of the bedroom window, I think it may have been so I couldn't change my mind. I did however insist we keep the handles in case they're useful at some later date. As you can tell James is long suffering. 

We took it all to the tip along with some rubble to fill the car. With fewer drawers we both had to condense our clothes so I have made another pile for the charity shop. I don't think I've gotten rid of many clothes in over 10 years. I cleared about a third. Anything with holes in or stains went in the bin. I'm not much into buying clothes but I'd like to instate a one in one out rule to save me hoarding them again. I have things that are two sizes too small and if I'm honest with myself I'll never be a size 8 again!

There aren't many photos for the blog this week, I have however taken some of the almost empty rooms for posterity so you can see those. You can see why I am ready for something clean and fresh in it's place.

The dining room, mostly clear

Bedroom nearly sorted

Our downstairs back entry, walls are terribly damp due to no damp course hence the crumbling plaster.

The bathroom, some of the plaster board is already off where we've started disconnecting wires.

My weekend was brightened just a little bit more by a speeding ticket through the post, sigh. 35 mph in a 30 zone, guilty as charged I'm afraid. At least now they do driver awareness courses so I'll have to give up a day to attend. Not the end of the world but £85 lighter in my purse. I am pretty fastidious about sticking to the limit, evidently I wasn't concentrating. I will say one thing though, their efficiency in prosecuting drivers is astounding. I did the crime Thursday night and had my letter Saturday morning, I can't get Royal mail to deliver a letter that quick!


  1. You look like your have your hands full with getting ready. at least you have the cabin finished. our building work doesnt start till June, so I will be watching your progress closely. We used to have a down stairs toilet in a previous house that had a ceiling like that.

    In the next village there are community people who have yellow high viz vests and one of those speeding guns. The pot holes stop people from driving fast for worry that you will lose a wheel grounding. £85? wow

    1. I'll certainly not miss the ceiling, if you try to dust the cobwebs then the paint flakes off in your face!

  2. Kirsty - i am so glad to hear that not only have you been de-cluttering but bagging up the stuff so that someone else can get use out of it. i am sure that james enjoyed chucking that dresser thing out the window...but if my james had have been driving by he'd have caught it and put it in the back of the truck and brought it home. thank goodness there's an ocean between us - bahahahaha! as for the speeding ticket and the price - that really sucks. there's really no such thing as a speed limit around these parts - people just fly up and down these country roads like there's no tomorrow - even in a foot of snow. i know how excited you are to get on with the renovations and i can't wait to follow along.

    sending much love to you all! your friend,

    1. Ha, I'm afraid the dresser was too far gone, even for you guys. Speeding ticket is my own fault, what can I do but own up and take my punishment. Still riles me when I think of the addicts that used to steal and shout abuse in my last job, the police didn't want to know, there was no money in it. Or perhaps I'm being cynical...

  3. Oh my havent you been busy all that clearing out, I do hope there isnt to many issues with the building work and you can get all settled back in your home soon,Body lotion is one of those things I accumulated they are never used and end up getting thrown out I see them as a utter waste of money, sorry to here of the speeding ticket something I havent had although around here with twisty turny roads I should think its difficult to get one

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only person with a vendetta against body lotion. I hope your twisty roads protect you from the eyes of the law!!