Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Easter Egg Hunt Tradition and the big tidy

Happy Easter everyone! Today we had the traditional hunt. The little man was so excited this weekend, his pre-school had been telling him the Easter bunny was coming. Every time he saw a rabbit in the garden he was overjoyed. A few times he even thought he saw some ears in the kitchen window from where the bunny watches to make sure children are good (pre-school not me telling him this, it sounds a bit creepy to me, not to mention bordering on bribery). The weather forecast was for heavy rain all morning but the morning was bright and dry.

As usual there were clues that lead from place to place, leading to the grand finale of a big egg. Baby girl was still a wee bit young to understand or get excited but the little man ran ahead found the treats and then gave one to his little sister.

We did decide on a builder last week. Just as we were about to phone one to let him know he had the job, the first builder reduced his quote. This is obviously good for us financially, but we also felt he was the more professional. Now it's the hardest thing to tell someone they haven't got the business, we found it very difficult. I appreciate tradesmen expect it, but the guy seemed so disappointed. Anyway, decision made and he'll be starting in the next two to three weeks.

It's been great timing as we've had the long weekend to try to take all of the stuff out of the third of the house that'll be demolished and condense it into the rest of the house. It is amazing quite how much junk we've accumulated in a few years. It is time to be ruthless, the charity shop will have bin bags full of goodies this week. As anyone who has been to my house in the last few months can attest, it is absolutely bursting at the seams. It is such a good feeling to be letting go of stuff that I don't need.

James has been tidying the garage to make room for some of our furniture, it's all getting to be a bit real!

Finally some pictures from 2015, look how baby girl in particular has changed.

and from 2014, she was hardly noticeable then...


  1. So cute! Your photos made me smile. Glad you got a builder now. That's a big relief, isn't it?

  2. What lovely photos of your children and their Easter egg hunt. No such hunt here, apart from trying to find the 'proper' eggs that our hens lay. Don't envy you the sorting out session ahead, trying to sort out what to keep and what not to keep!

  3. Exciting times ahead, you are brave we have never done such a huge extension, but think about the results, and dream of your new life style.

  4. Ah, I remember those days well from my two. And then my grandson became an Easter Egg Hunter. The joy of watching the kids excitement on finding Easter Eggs never fades... :)