Friday, 29 April 2016

Progress week 1

Not much to report this week from us as a family. The builders however have got on a storm and have knocked down the old extension, cleared the rubble, dug footings and filled them with concrete. The building inspector came and declared that we couldn't have an open cavity under the footings, so the water tanks have to be filled with concrete. We expected it, but it's still a shame. As pictures are far more eloquent than I ever hope to be, here's the story so far...

You may recall that I said one of our chickens, Flopsy, was broody. I ordered some eggs for her off eBay, silver laced Wynadottes, as I have loved them from afar for quite some time. Now Blossom is broody too and we've had to split the eggs between them. I know Blossom is a good mum, as she proved to us last time. I still feel sorry for Flopsy (named for the Beatrix Potter books) though as she was turfed off her nest by Blossom. Hence the splitting the eggs between the two of them. That way if Flopsy gives up brooding, Blossom will take over. Here's hoping for some little chicks in a few weeks, keep them crossed! 

It's bank holiday this weekend so we plan to do something special. We're taking my mum out to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend tomorrow to a carvery. Some family time will be appreciated after the upheaval at home. Could the British weather co-operate and warm up just a little? Fat chance but we live in hope.


  1. wow - that's a lot of progress! and hard work! you must be excited kirsty! happy bank holiday and i hope you all enjoy a really nice evening!

    mentioned you in a blog post today concerning your delivery problems! bahahahah!

    sending love to all of you! your friend,

  2. Good progress! But I cannot help but flinch when I see your photos, because they make me remember the time when we were in a state of demolition and rebuild as well. It has been four months since the last of our major renovation work was done, and I am still feeling stressed and unsettled the same as if he was still working here! But it was an eight year haul for us, and yours will be a lot quicker, plus you have a good space to live in meanwhile. Hope you enjoy the meal out with your family. We are playing with our band in the middle of a field. Like you, I hope the weather is kind.

  3. When our place was built, there were no building codes, no permits, no inspections. That was in 1986.Now it's a little more like you have to put up with. I don't like having some government person come and tell me what I can and can't do, so I am lucky I didn't have to put up with it.

    Still, you are making headway and when it's all over what a beautiful and unique home you will all have!

  4. Good progress - it's always a little scary to start with! Hopefully we'll be starting ours soon as well.