Sunday, 28 February 2016


Today we decided to have an at home day and we had some friends stop round for a quick chat so I decided to make some pretzels. The recipe was another Pinterest find here, they are tasty but definitely a weekend recipe, there's a bit of faff involved.

Here's some pics of the steps.

I also varnished wee man's bedroom door, the one we had hung in about October. I've been meaning to do it for ages but I finally got round to buying the oil/varnish for it. It has brought the grain out beautifully and I'm hoping will protect it for many years.

James gave the greenhouse a good scrub inside and out with some bleach water ready for all the goodies this year.

After the clean up he went to the top of the garden and started to clear the back shed out ready to receive our furniture when the time comes to start the build. I managed to make a trip to the tip with a load of rubbish that we kept for just in cases. Silly really as we always have to get rid of it in the end, but these things can come in handy.

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  1. teehee. we made regular, and onion naan today - deelish! i would love your pretzel recipe...and would love to see a pic of the door. i can't believe how much work you guys get done...especially with small children underfoot! but you have a beautiful family (like kev's) and i love to come here and go to kev's and get inspired. congrats Kirsty! (oh and sorry about all of your late-arriving/not-arriving deliveries. that can be such a pain when you are relying on them!)

    sending much love! your friend,