Sunday, 14 February 2016

Digging in the services and a job update

On Saturday we had a lovely lunch in a nearby pub for my father-in-law's birthday lunch, 82 and not looking a day past 65. The kids got a bit fed up as it was quite a long affair but they behaved very well. We also hooked up the cabin's sewer pipes and also the water pipes both to the cabin and the house. We now have working water and can flush the toilet, yay! We've rang the electrician to wire in the consumer unit and then it will be complete.

As James was digging I was collecting just a small proportion of the massive quantity of rubble that's in our garden and putting it into rubble bags. I managed to fill about 10 bags with just some of the waste in the immediate area we were digging. I think it'll be a life long project to remove it all from the garden. Today we took a load to the tip and they've actually tarmaced the lane to the tip, we managed to get there and back without back breaking jolts. Well done to Herefordshire council ;-)

I've been thinking about making a flower bed to the side of the cabin, as we can see it from the house and it will just come up with weeds if nothing is done with it. I want to make a border for the bed as cheaply as possible, so I'll put some time into thinking what to do with it. I could really do with having a proper design of the garden, but I'll confess I've not much vision.

This week we siliconed in the shower tray. For some reason the silicone didn't go on nicely and was all lumpy. I spent the next evening taking it all out with a Stanley blade and re-siliconed the downward join. I think it may be something to do with the PVC shower wall that we put in. It's incredibly shiny and the silicone just doesn't seem to take to it. For now it'll do but we'll have to see how it goes. Where the tray meets the wall I put on a sticky strip today. It wasn't sticking so I went inside and got my hairdryer to warm up the plastic and adhesive strip and it stuck down nicely. Again it's a case of wait and see how it goes.

This afternoon we had a sit down and the kids played whilst James watched the rugby and I read my book. It was so lovely, it's been months since we've all sat down and done nothing. the best part is that we lit the fire early and the house is so toasty warm this evening.

We also had a bit of a taste of summer for tea, the salsa that I canned last year was eaten with fajitas. Baby girl was not impressed, she's not a fan of fajitas!

Thanks for all the kind thoughts about my new job. I've been super tired as it's a massive learning curve and I'm having to concentrate hard all day. I've also been driving about 5 hours a day as I'm shadowing other pharmacists in their local vicinity; here's hoping in the next few months this reduces a bit. I'm trying to accept that it's inevitable that I don't know anything as this is a totally new field for me, but it is quite stressful being new. Good luck to Emma who reads the blog for her new job coming up, I hope it goes smoothly!

Have a good week all.


  1. wow you are going grat guns on the cabin.

    What about lavender for the flower beds. a hardy plant that needs very little work and is very good with drought conditions so you dont have to waste your time watering it. intersperse it with rosemary for cooking?

    1. I love Lavender and one day I dream of an English country garden. I think I'll try to take some cuttings of lavender and Rosemary and fill between with flowers so that there's interest all year round. Good ideas!

  2. The cabin is looking great Kirsty! How lovely that with all you managed to achieve you also got some time to relax and read a book - that's just as important after all :-)
    Sounds like a very intense and tiring start to a new job, but exciting being in a new field and I'm sure it'll soon settle a bit :-) Thanks for the good luck, I start next Tuesday, last day at my current company this Thursday, still feels a bit strange and I'm very nervous about the new job but hope it goes ok... Keep us updated :-) xx

    1. Hope your last day went well Emma. You'll be fine it's super scary starting something new. It's easier to stick with the devil you know but it's worth a try. I'm fine at work, still training.